Monday, April 16, 2012

Villa VPN best VPN |Free|

• Absolutely Free
• No Annoying Ads
• No Bandwidth Limits
• No Congestions
• No Frequent Disconnections
• Strategically Located Servers
• Dedicated Torrent Servers
• Daily Server Updates
• Online Support /Complaints Desk
• Harmonious Member Community[/b]
VON and its core members are committed to relaying the owner’s generosity
and sharing the good news about Villa VPN to as many people as possible.
We see both VON and Villa VPN as an innovation that will revolutionize the VPN industry
while further defining user collaboration and setting the model for a harmonious online community.
How to get access in villavpn:
1. Register to VillaVPN Forum Registration :
2. Activate ur Account
3. Login to the forum
4. Register ur forum account to the server…gistration

Config Files download it below:

Then just extract the file and edit the “password.txt” with you
personal account that you registered in serverload.
and you’re done. connect your ISP and next the vpn


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