Monday, May 28, 2012

Aircel unlimited 3g hack 2012

Here i am giving aircel 3g hack for unlimited 3G
Follow my steps
1.Recharge with any new 3g packs (7,17,37,128 etc)
2.Now you will get some data in 3g use that as you
3.Download Software called mdma from the below  link
link1                                                                   link2
4.After finishing your 3G data connect Internet using
mdma (In GPRS/EDGE only mode)
5.Open your browser and just open any page (just
open Google)
6.Now change your connection type from Edge to 3G
(In 3G only mode).
7.Now check the internet speed ……….. that’s it you
have done……
This trick is working fine in Kerala ..
Test in your state
and reply here……
If you use 7.2mbps modem the internet
will disconnect while changing 2G to 3G..(I
have tested that in Huawei E1732 )
But it is working fine on 3.6mbps


for me it actually works by changing 2g to 3g network..
it gives me average of 500kbps speed after the usuage of 3g high speed data but from may 30 it stops working.

buy aircel 3g trick unlimited at just rs 250
speed up to 3.6 mbs and downlaoding upto 450kbs

bhagwant singh tumhe koi trick khareedni hai to batao

Bhagwant Singh can u tell me how to buy tell me plese

Iam from kochi
I use 7.2mbps Huawei E1732 with AirCel sim card
I need downloading speed atleats 30kbps
What should I do??

NO RASHA...........................20-25KBPS

well i got a hack for aircel 3g plan .download this
at working great for me with aircel and as well as airtel ....

hey salman how to hack aircel and airtel with huawei hilink 3g 7.2mbps data card

hey i'm from kerala, i did as u said, but cant get 3g speed, got any tip buddy?

it is quite trick now it may work in some region may be blocked in some region

Bro i am using Huawei E1752cu stick after using 500 mb data of aircel 128 3g unlimited pack, its speed is only 12 kbps earlier it is 400kbps. I have tried MADMA but does not work in Bihar, please give some other trick pls.

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Buy aircel 3g unlimited recharge with one month validity... Speed upto 3.6Mbps till last day of validity... Mail at

This software mdma should we install in pc or mobile fone??

i was using this trick but after window up date i lost it
and its not workig help me out some one from rakesh

not working provide screenshots if it works im frm AP

man buy aircel 95 rs 3g data 1gb unlimited 2g for month after 3g usage type START 3G send to 121 wait till a day then enjoy unlimited 3g

sir i want to buy the trick for aircel unlimited 3g i am from andhra pradesh right noe i am using 1973g pack but after completion of 3g data i am getting very less speed if any body one has technique to increase the speed plz mail me

hii i am shahrukh in mp chhindwara plz tell aircel new tricks

I am from AP i am using plan 2GB with 3.6Mbps,3G and 128 kbps 2g unlimited pack. And i am able to connect internet with this mdma software, but i am not sure whether this trick is working (or) it is using my data plan 2GB @3.6Mbps

i have recharged with 2g 98 plan but i want 3g speed can u tell me how to do that.

Not working in west bengal kolkata also

i got unlimited 3g for some days
without all these shit.......

and now its gone :(

It working but not working :/
First it worked for me for 2 hours with download speed from 270-350 kBps
Then after 2 hours it automatically got disconnected and ate up all my balance which was 10 rs.
The next day I recharged for 20 rs.
Again I tried and opened a website and again switched to 2g and found 5rs reduced.

So I hope at least it works for the first time for nearly 1-2 hours.

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Hey Bro its Working

i started downloading videos

avg speed 2.4 Kb/s

i am using micromax mmx352g modem ........
and my MDMA showing detecting device ......
but not
help me ...........
my mail :

Not working anymore, not in Bihar/Jarkhand

Hi my name is Ajith from kochi mine is Huawei E1732, actually it worked for me at 1 recharge of 37 ,ive downloaded 1.09 gb @ 250-380 its not working,.....i think may be its bcoz of any mistakes,.....pls mail me

hi ajith could you please tell how did you do it, because i tried it but i could'nt do it

@Jeet nd Ajith

Its work oly on first time,
On de nxt rcharge they cap the speed, So u want to use another sim and recharge it with 1 mnth pack , After that u will get 200-400 kb/s 4 dat mnth..
nd again u want to change sim...

hai i fm tamilnadu u know any hack for aircel or airtel 3g new............
i am using dongle Huawei E303C help me if u know......

Convert ur sim from 2g to 3g recharge it with any one plan but not 7 or 8 rs plan. After u use ur data recharge now with 7 or 8 rs plan which ever is applicable, use its' 50 mb data u will get a message that u have exhausted ur data. Now, after 12 o'clock u will get ur unlimited 3g data connect it enjoy it.

hey but how much days validity will i get.... plz mail me at

hey i cannot connect through mdma, my connection is not visible in that , i have connected net through wifi, doesnt it work by wifi or i should change it to bluetooth mode?

after 12 its work for 1 hour only .please give unlimited 3g connection tips

Recharge wid any one month pack of 3G data...use the limited data usage of 3G on it fully...u'll get msg dat u hv exhausted ur speed limit..smthng lyk dat..
Now u hv to recharge wid Rs8(easy recharge)..Aftr 12midnight u'll get 3G SPEED for one month...

hey i am from bihar.i did easy rechrge of 128 rs 3g cum 2g pack used it an then did a recharge of rs 8 3g cum 2g card.worked upto 27 or 28 oct 2012. and then afterwards my speed gets capped after using 100 mb at 3.6 mbps think its not unlimited anymore...

Connection type is showing disabled and gprs/edge option not showing in it .How to enable it.

i tried that software lot of time, but in that software connection type box is showing inactive ,so tell me how shall i active?

hey i m from lucknow. i also use 128 pack and i got 500mb 3g data. after it i recharge rs.8 and after next day my 3g plan become unlimited. but after 30 Oct. dis trick not working. plzzz send me some another trick for unlimited 3G plan.

Yes bro i got same problem.. Connection type and RAT option disabled..:( what to do?? help me Administrator.

where is the dam use of software in this trick////////////

@abdul it is on step 6
by the way this trick is closed i.e it had stoped working

hi I am using unlimited 3g by recharging 8rs after 3g data over,but from last month it is not working send me any new working trick to,i am from karnataka

How to use mdma, as i am using net with wifi hotspot from Samsung mobile.
Tell me soon

It works fine in TN but getting only 100 MB/day at high speed after that it gets disconnected....If any solution reply at

thank u in advance.

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