Friday, June 1, 2012

[INSTRUCTIONS] BOLT 2.11 Handler for GLOBE Users

here’s the instructions.
2. create new access point
Connection Name: Any
Access Point Name:
Proxy Server Add:
of course, save it and set as default connection
3. Install Bolt2.11 Handler
4. scroll down the handler and you’ll find
Proxy Type set it to –> HTTP
Proxy Server set it to –>
5. LOADING…. then Allow, ask once…
6. scanner.jar my list of sites
facebook, youtube, espn, etc. That means successful  installation. EXIT THE APPLICATION
7. Go back to access point and edit the proxy address to
Save mo ulit.
8. Run BOLT and edit the following
Front query:
Proxy Type: HTTP
leave the other entries empty ok? blank  STEP 4,  PROXY SERVER, ERASE it.
9. SAve config.
10. press OK


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